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The Town of Newbury Winter Parking Ordinance is now in effect

1. No vehicle or obstruction shall be parked or placed in any manner upon or along any street, alley, or way located within the municipal limits of and maintained for the public good by the Town of Newbury, NH from 12:00AM midnight on October31, through and including 12:00 AM midnight on April 30 of any year.

2. Not withstanding the provisions of paragraph I above, residential areas within the municipal boundaries of the Town of Newbury that have been specifically marked and I or posted for regulated parking shall be subject to the posted provisions for parking in such designated areas.

3. A violation of this provision shall yield the removal of such vehicle or obstruction by any duly authorized employee or contracted agent for the Town of Newbury, with such expenses for said removal and subsequent storage to be incurred upon the owner of the vehicle or property removed.

Newbury Ordinance requires a permit for all central station security and fire alarm systems. Click here to download the application.

Newbury Fireworks Regulations - Fireworks Permits are Required

The use of fireworks in the Town of Newbury is regulated by Town Ordinance. Fireworks permits are required and issued by the Newbury Fire Department under the conditions specified in the ordinance. There is no fee for a fireworks permit.

The Fireworks Ordinance provides for fines of $250 per violation for anyone using fireworks within the Town of Newbury without a permit. Permits will not be issued in conditions of high fire danger when outside burn permits would not be issued or when the warden determines that conditions are not appropriate.

Permits will be issued 24-48 hours prior to the fireworks display. An inspection of the display location may be required. Please allow sufficient time prior to the event to apply for the permit.

Permits may be obtained at no charge from the Newbury Department or Newbury Forest Fire Warden or Deputy Wardens.

Fireworks Permit Application

  • Newbury Fire Department e-mail: Please include your name, address, date of display and phone number in the e-mail and you will be contacted by a Fire Department representative within 24 hours.
  • Henry Thomas Fire Chief 938-5346
  • Dave Smith, Forest Fire Warden: 938-5925
  • Mike Croteau, Deputy Warden: 763-2679
  • Ken Burnell, Deputy Warden: 763-4962
  • Fireworks Permit Applications are available at the Newbury Police Department office during business office hours 8:00 AM-1:00 PM Monday through Friday. Applications take 24 hours to process.

    Code Red

    The Town of Newbury and five other towns in our area have contracted with the CodeRED reverse emergency notification system, which allows the town to call you in an emergency.

    The current CodeRED database comprises commercially-available phone numbers (such as those provided on credit applications) and numbers added directly by residents of the six communities. To ensure that your phone number (including cell phone) is in the database, go to your Town’s website or to and follow the link to the CodeRED Emergency Notification Network

    Required information includes a street address (physical address, no P.O. boxes) for location purposes and at least a primary phone number. Additional phone numbers, email and text addresses may also be entered. Even if you have an unlisted phone number, you can safely register your phone number in the CodeRED database; the information will not be sold nor will it be used for any purpose other than emergency contact from the town.

    If you do not have internet access, please call Denise Sherrill at the Town Office (763-4940 x201) and she will enter the information for you.


    The Town of Newbury Alarm Ordinance requires a permit for all business and residential central station fire and security alarms

    Click here to download a Fire Alarm Permit Application

    All alarms installed in the town pursuant to this chapter shall conform to the standards set forth in state law, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 72 National Fire Alarm Code, the National Electrical Code and the codes published by the International Building Code (IBC). Permitted central stations shall comply with NFPA 71.

    Alarm Permit Required

  • The Newbury Police and Fire Chiefs are authorized to issue a permit to any owner of property located within the town or the lessee thereof to maintain, install and modify a fire, burglary, holdup or intrusion alarm system upon application.
  • Dialer-type alarms that are operated by a prerecorded message machine are not authorized to be used at the police and fire departments. Alarms which monitor temperature, humidity and any other condition not directly related to the detection or notification of emergency personnel are specifically excluded from this chapter.
  • Applications for Security and Fire Alarm Permits and Central Station Company permits shall be submitted to the Newbury Police Department, 952 Route 103, Newbury, NH 03255. Application forms are available at the Police Department, Town Office and may be downloaded from the Town of Newbury Website
  • There shall be no fee for the alarm system installation permit issued by the police and fire departments.
  • The first permit year shall be eleven (11) calendar months plus the remainder of the month in which the alarm permit was issued, and twelve (12) calendar months thereafter.
  • Any owner or lessee of property having an alarm system on the premises and any user of alarm services or equipment designed and installed with the